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Partner WOD

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CrossFit Black Box – Group/Partner WOD


Metcon (Time)

In Teams of 4, each person must complete:


Calorie Row

Box Jump Over, 24/20″

Kettlebell Swing, 53/35

GHD Situps

*100m Buddy Carry after each round.

**Each teammate starts at a different station and does 21 reps of the movement in front of them, then cycles through 21 reps of the other 3 movements. Once all 4 teammates have done 21 reps of all 4 movements, they will go outside, pair up and complete a 100m buddy carry, switching at the end of the parking lot if desired. (basically means 2 people are running each carrying another person)

Once the all 4 have finished the buddy carry the team will repeat the above steps for 15 reps, then again for 9 reps, performing a 100m buddy carry after each round.

*Time is when all 4 teams have finished the last buddy carry and crossed the threshold of the garage door.

**Note, if you finish your movement but a partner is still on the next movement you have, you must wait on them to finish before beginning.