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Week 4 CFBB Open Games Update!

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Well, even with Spring Break and a lot of the students gone, we had a great showing for Friday Night Lights the past weekend, but we didn’t have a single team get the 5 bonus points for attendance.  Hopefully we’ll get those points back this week for the last FNL of the Open season!  Here are your updated team scores:

  1. Dripping in Fitness 151pnts
  2. Coffee Tacos CrossFit 132pnts
  3. Jacked In the Box 128pnts
  4. Swole Noles 117pnts
  5. Travisdottirs 115pnts
  6. Deal Closers Only 106pnts
  7. AMRAPpers Delight 91pnts

Week 5 Challenge:

This week, we want you to share why you do CrossFit for a point for your team!  One last time, we want you to post a pic on FB or IG of you holding a sign that says “I CrossFit because…”  and you fill in the blank with the reason why you do what we do.  Why does doing CrossFit mean something to you?  One short sentence on a piece of paper or a whiteboard that the gym, then tag CrossFit Black Box and add the hashtags #whyicrossfit #intheopne and #blackboxstrong


For the last week of the Open Games there will be a bonus challenge!  You will receive a point for your team for racking up 100 calories on the C2 SkiErg!  No big deal…but this time you can get as many points as you want between now and the end of the Open!  Any time between now and the close of score submissions on Monday the 26th, you will receive 1 point for every 100cal you pull on the ski erg.  Each time you must have a coach check the monitor to verify and each 100 must be done in one session on the skierg.  Pictures of a monitor shown to coaches will not be verified.  Happy Skiing!

FNL Theme:

The Theme for FNL for this, the final week of the Open will be White T-Shirt Night!  To receive a point you must wear a completely blank white-tshirt.  We will have sharpies on hand for others to sign and write things on them.  Funny stuff, motivational stuff, whatever!  Sign everyone’s shirts and create some memories to take from this year’s Open!

Let’s have a blast this last week!

Week 3 CFBB Open Games Update!

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Well, 3 weeks down and and the competition is getting real!  It seems like Team Dripping in Fitness is running away with it!  Loaded with a group full of teammates who participate in nearly everything possible to earn points they are pulling ahead at every turn.  But the other teams should not quit!  Get those points, and stay as close as possible, because an opportunity to even the score will come!

Here are the updated scores as of now:

  1. Dripping in Fitness 120pts
  2. CoffeeTacosCrossFit 103pts
  3. Jacked In The Box 98pts
  4. Swole Noles 96pts
  5. Travisdottirs 95pts
  6. DealClosersOnly 79pts
  7. AMRAPpers Delight 74pts

*Point totals do not include wod entries to the games site for 18.3 yet.

Week 4 Challenge:

This week, get out of the gym and use your fitness!  Since many of you are away for spring break, this will be another online pic challenge.  Post a pic of you doing something active outdoors!  This should be something real, not posed.  Swimming, biking, playing a sport, running, anything.  Just not at a gym.  Post a pic on IG or FB with the tags #useyourfitness #intheopen #blackboxstrong and also TAG CrossFit Black Box!  REMINDER: the deadline is Thursday night!

Friday Night Lights Theme:

The theme for Friday Night Lights this week will be St. Patricks Day!  Where your green and get a point for your team!  Must be a green item of clothing…not subtle lines, or lettering within the text of a shirt, or green on the stitching of your wrist wraps, etc…wear some real green.  If you’re unsure if it counts, it doesn’t count 😉

Week 2 Open Games Update!

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Alright, another fun week of challenges and Friday Night Lights!  This week’s theme was the 80’s and the neon colors were out in full force!

Here’s the updated scores!
1. Dripping in Fitness 81 pts
2. Travisdottirs 71pts
T3. Jacked In The Box 68pts
T3. CoffeeTacosCF 68pts
5. Swole Noles 62pts
6. DealClosersOnly 61pts
7. AMRAPpers Delight 55pts

*scores do not reflect points for workout score entry for week 2 yet

This weeks Challenge:

Post a Picture on FB or IG (similar to Week 1) of you at an Iconic/Well-known place in Tallahassee performing a pistol or handstand hold!  Does not need to be in a CFBB tshirt, unless you insist!  Examples include Cascade Park, Doak Campbell Stadium, the War Memorial, etc.  Tag the gym with hashtags #intheopen  and #blackboxstrong in order for these to count.  Give a shoutout to your team also!

Friday Night Lights Theme:

Jersey Night!  We’re the jersey of your favorite sports team.  Doesn’t have to be local, or any specific sport.  (Note: you may take it off for the workout).

WEEK 1 CFBB Open Games Update!

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Well we are wrapping up Week 1 of the 2018 Open and Friday Night Lights was a huge success!  Thank you to everyone who came out and put up with the 20 Minute workout we had to endure!

REMINDER: Make sure you get your score entered on the Games page!  We do not enter the score for you!  You must enter the score on and then we validate it!  If you do not enter it, it will not be entered and you will not get a point for your team!

Here are your team standings after week 1:

1: Dripping In Fitness (36)
T2: Deal Closers Only (31)
T2: Jacked In The Box (31)
T4: Coffee Tacos CrossFit (30)
T4: Swole Noles (30)
6: Travisdottirs (27)
7: AMRAPpers Delight (20)

*This does NOT include points for submission of workout scores to the CrossFit Games site.  Those points will be added after the submission deadline.  Pretty much everyone who attended FNL wore something patriotic, so great job to everyone, but attendance at FNL along with challenge participation was the difference maker for Dripping in Fitness taking the early, sizeable lead!

Hopefully we can keep up the high rate of attendance for 18.2!  Below are this coming week’s details!

CHALLENGE: This week your challenge is to Row a 5k (all at once, not as part of another workout)  Make sure a coach validates that you completed it by showing them the completed workout on the monitor.  *No need to post on social media unless you still want to trash talk!

THEME: This week’s Friday Night Lights theme will be the 80’s!  Come dressed in your Raddest 80’s gear to get a point for your team!

Let’s keep up the great work and get ready for 18.2!

Getting the most out of your Open!

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So it’s finally here!  As crossfitters, we wait for this time of year for a solid 11 months.  Well, at least the 99.999% of us that won’t be competing at the CrossFit Games in the Summer.  Frankly, for those top-tier athletes the Open isn’t even really on their training radar.  It’s pretty much a lock that they’ll make it past this first stage.

But, for the rest of us, this is our time to shine!  We spend our entire year thinking about what happened during the previous Open.  What workout was my favorite?  Or more popularly, what workout was my LEAST favorite and the one I would literally vomit if I had to repeat the next year?  We wonder what does Castro have up his sleeve for the next Open.  What do I really need to focus on?  What do I suck at?  For many of us, we train every day in order to perform better in the Open then we did the previous year.

But for a lot of you out there, this may be your first Open.  Maybe you’ve been doing CrossFit for a number of years, but have never committed to testing yourself against the 5 week challenge and decided to take the plunge this time.  Or, maybe you are brand new to CrossFit, you haven’t been involved in it for an entire year and were aware of the Open until recently, but you signed up anyway.  Either way, you’re in for a wild experience.

There are a few different ways that people approach the Open.  But whether or not this is a competition for you, there are still some things that you want to try and think about in order to have the best experience possible.  The main thing to get out of your experience in this process is the enjoyment of the community within your gym, the fun with friends and satisfaction of being a part of something so big.  That’s what it is mainly about for the majority of us.  But, nobody wants to perform poorly.  Even if you really aren’t concerned with your placing among 500,000 people, you still want to be able to leave it all out there and give it your best effort every week.  So, take some time to prepare yourself for what you’re about to do for the next 5 weeks and set yourself up for success!

I’ve set out with the hopes of touching on a few things that I’ve gathered over my years participating in the Open, the ups and downs, successes and failures, and hopefully preparing at least some of you readers for an overall positive experience.  So, here are some tips to help you have the best Open you can have!  Hopefully the experienced and inexperienced alike can take something away from this.


The workouts for the Open are scheduled to be released each week on Thursday nights, typically at 8pm EST.  There are some people out there who love to watch the announcement and get it out of the way right then and there.  For some it can be a good thing.  I know for me, there have been years where I was competing pretty aggressively and the Open was a very stressful time.  So much so that I would lay awake at night, unable to sleep because I would be analyzing the workout that was just announced, strategizing down to the most meticulous of details.  But getting the workout out of the way can relieve a little bit of that pressure.

When I say “Be Ready” I really just mean recovered.  This can seem obvious,  but you would be surprised at how often people will put a lot of pressure on themselves about their performance, but do not prepare for each workout like they would any other competition.  If you are going to be at your very best, you’ll need to feel your very best.  Typically that means that if you’re planning to perform the week’s workout on Friday, you shouldn’t be doing Karen on Wednesday, or doing 10×10 deadlifts on Thursday.  You don’t know what you’re going to have to do on Friday.   Yes, there’s the possibility of wall balls and/or deadlifts being in that week’s wod, but just doing things that are guaranteed to give you DOMS for days, or tax your CNS like a max lift within days of you expecting a 100% effort on a workout is not going to do you any favors…similar movement or not.

The days leading up to you performing an Open wod should be left for work that keeps you moving, but isn’t going to tax you in such a way that leaves you flat on competition day.  The worst feeling in an Open workout is being on that first round of thrusters and feeling an unwelcomed burn in your quads too early and thinking back to that workout 2 days before where you did 120 pistols.  At that point you realize that physically you’re not ready to give 100%, and mentally you’ve already taken a blow.  Workout over!


This could be a much longer section if we finished that statement with the proverbial “train like you compete,” but I’m only touching on one side of the coin and that’s to compete as close to how you train as possible.

This means everything from nutrition/supplements, warm-ups, time of day and mental focus.  You don’t want to establish a deeply engrained routine in your training, then flip it entirely when it comes time to do your Open WOD.

This is very similar to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  Competitors establish routines for each and every lift that they must do in order to feel comfortable and lifts from warm-ups all the way up to max attempts look exactly the same.

If you typically arrive to your gym 30 minutes before you class and row, rollout, stretch, whatever before the start, you should do the same before the Open WOD.  Similarly, if you take a certain pre-workout supplement,  drink a cup of coffee before you workout, eat a certain snack, don’t change that routine either.  Don’t change to a new Pre-workout right before 18.1, and especially don’t try one for the first time before it!  The last thing you want to do is go experimenting with supplements in competition.

Mental focus can be a difference maker too.  Again, you see this a lot in weightlifting, and I know I’ve had experience with this myself in CrossFit competitions.  If you are one of those people who trains with a huge group of friends, laughing and goofing around, thoroughly enjoying each others’ company while you push through brutal workouts, then make every attempt to recreate that environment.

If you are used to training in a more relaxed environment that allows you to stay loose and enjoy yourself, then go to compete, in the Open or any competition, and you sit in the corner trying to shift to a more serious 100% firm focus with headphones on and a grimace like Michael Phelps, you’re forcing something that isn’t comfortable and is foreign to you.  Similarly, if you’re one of those people who focuses on your training 100%, don’t joke around and keep to yourself, but jump into a fun, relaxed atmosphere like an in-house competition for the Open, filled with kids and food and drinks, your ability to focus the way you normally do will throw you off and you’ll be able to feel that during your workout.

If you’re serious about your performance in competition or in the Open workouts, make the effort to emulate your every day training experience when you do your workouts.  Try to ensure that your routines stay the same and you environment is so drastically different that you can’t focus on what you’re supposed to be doing.


This is a huge one that a lot of people don’t think about.  But if you’re one of those people who workout religiously at the 5:30am class, then sign up for a “Friday Night Lights” event at your gym for the Open where you will likely be performing your workout at 6,7,8pm you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Your body is smart.  It will adapt to what you do to it.  It wakes up ready to go for that morning class.  And by 8pm you’re shutting down and ready to go to sleep to prep for the next morning’s workout.  Asking it give 100% effort in a workout 12 or more hours removed from when it is conditioned to do so is trouble.  Even just a few hours difference can throw you off.

In 2015 I traveled to Dallas, TX for the USAW National Championships to compete.  My typical training time was between 9:30am-12:00pm.  I found out that my session was scheduled to begin lifting at about 9pm Central time.  I didn’t spend enough time lifting in the evenings before the meet, and when my session started (late and with the time change) my body felt like it was 11pm.  I missed my guaranteed snatch opener, barely made it on the second attempt, and missed my third.  Then I proceeded to bomb out my cnj with 3 attempts at my guaranteed opener for that lift.  My body was used to being asleep at 11pm, not being asked to perform maximum lifts.

Beyond just the Open, there’s a reason why coaches will tell their athletes to try training at different times of day.  For one, it changes up the stimulus and can spark progression when you feel like you’re at a plateau, but if you change up your training time and go to compete in a weekend competition where you have to do 3-4 workouts in a single day, you’re not shocked at what it feels like to start a workout at 7am, or 6pm.


This is mostly aimed at those people who have never competed before, or are new to the Open this year.

Back in the day you didn’t even have to compete to make it to the games.  You just showed up in Aromas and signed up for the first 2 years.  For those first 2-3 years of the games the competitors looked and performed almost like normal people.  At least like normal people by today’s standards.  Today, these athletes going to the games, and even athletes moving into the Regional competitions, are basically professional athletes.  It’s difficult to make it past the Open if you have a job, school, family, pet fish, etc.

Please understand that this has moved beyond something designed to see who can make it to the CrossFit Games.  It has become a world-wide movement to celebrate fitness.  That is how it should be treated.  Don’t spend too much time focusing on the leaderboard and where you stand.  You will beat yourself up every week and ruin the experience.   Getting too caught up in comparing yourself to others can suck the fun out of it.


Approach each workout with a plan.  If you want to do your best in a workout you should go in with some idea of how you are going to attack it.  This can take a little bit of prep and education before hand.

Know your limitations and abilities.  You should know about where you max out on movements.  If you can only string a set of 40 wall balls max before you die out, and you suffer through small sets after that, you should use that information to plan out big sets of wall balls.  As a competitor you’ll need to know your limitations on almost everything in order to set up a plan of attack on workouts.

Practice the workout before you jump in.  This can be a good idea if it’s an AMRAP triplet or couplet or something that you will get a few or more rounds in.  Set up the proper equipment and run through a single round of the workout at your typical competition speed and check the time that round took.  It’s not likely that you’ll maintain that pace throughout the wod, so good practice would be to add some time to that round and spread that out along the full course of that AMRAP to get an idea of how many rounds you want to shoot for.  This can give you an idea of how long you want each round to take and give you a time interval to shoot for with each round.

Lastly, go into each workout of the Open with a “one and done” attitude.  Do NOT go in thinking that you’ll have a chance to do it one or two more times.  That will only allow you room to doubt, give in to pain, or even quit with the knowledge that you have the opportunity to try again.  If you go in with the attitude that this is it, this is the only opportunity and it’s “now or never” you’ll find intensity that you wouldn’t find otherwise.

There will also be those workouts that seem like repeatable workouts, but afterward you find out that it wrecks you in a way that you didn’t expect and you find that you can’t or don’t want to repeat it.  So, planning to do each workout one time and one time only can keep you pushing as hard as possible each week.  And as an added benefit, it won’t interfere with your regular training.


The Open, and really any other competition you’ll find, is as much about celebrating fitness and building a community as it is about crowning winners.  Enjoy the process and try not to overthink it.

Control the controllable things, and enjoy the positives while ignoring the negatives.  The controllable things are the things mentioned above: you prep, your game plan, your recovery, etc.

Things to enjoy are the community within your gym, the friendships you’ve made within that community, and being a part of something this big.  Avoid the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others, or setting unreal expectations.  There’s no way to know what we’ll see in the Open.  So there’s no point in setting expectations when you don’t have all of the information.  Just do what you can and have a good time.  If things don’t go your way, what’s the worst that’s going to happen?  Odds are nothing in your life will change.  Your life will still be pretty good, friends will still be friends, your family will still be your family, and next year when the 2019 Open begins, you’ll be in the same boat as you are today, except smarter, faster and stronger.

Now, Good Luck!

CFBB Open Games Week 1 and Scoring!

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Hello All!

The time has come!  This week marks the beginning of the 2018 CrossFit Games season and the start of stage one, the Open!  We mentioned in a previous post that we are starting a new way to compete among our members, and calling it the CFBB Open Games!

All athletes registered by today (Feb 18th) have been divided at random into 7 teams managed by a coach.  These 7 teams will compete for points over the course of the 5 weeks and the total points leader at the end of the Open will win a sweet trophy, a year of bragging rights, and a private BBQ from CrossFit Black Box!

Here’s how it works!

Just like years past we will hold a Friday Night Lights event for those participating in the Open to perform the workout, and others are encouraged to come and support the competitors, eat, drink, socialize, scream, etc.  This year, we are adding the points tally for each team.

How you earn points each week…

Participants can earn points for their team in the following ways:

  1. Perform the workout and record your score on the CF Games site before the deadline (1point)
  2. Attend Friday Night Lights event (1point)
  3. Participate in weekly challenge (1point)
  4. Participate in the FNL Theme (1point)
  5. 75%+ of a team shows up for FNL (5 points)

**Weekly challenges and themes will be presented in Sunday evening blog posts and update emails.

18.1  HERE WE GO!

This week marks the start of the 2018 Open!  Friday Night Lights will be held Friday Night, and each of the next 5 Friday nights, starting at 6pm!   Due to the amount of people we have signed up this year, and the possibility of a large percentage of those people coming on Friday nights, we will be starting the event early this year, and close after the 4:30pm class.  This class will be open to a larger number of attendees and will be programmed to accommodate more than 20 due to the schedule adjustment.


This week’s challenge will begin with an easy one.  To earn a point for your team this week we’re looking to take over your social media!  Post a picture of you in a CFBB Shirt in a Public Place on Instagram or Facebook with the following rules:
1. Tag CrossFit Black Box
2. Hashtags  #blackboxstrong and #intheopen
3. Deadline: Thursday Feb 22nd at 9pm

*Only one point per challenge per person, so only one pic is necessary.


This week we are kicking off our Friday Night Lights themes with Patriotism!  Friday night come dressed in your best patriotic clothing and earn a point for your team for the week!

We can’t wait to get this year’s Open competition started!  We are looking forward to some awesome showings every week and the best Open year yet at CFBB!

The Black Box Open Games!!

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CFBB is announcing our first annual Black Box Open Games!  A members-only team competition centered around our Friday Night Lights event held every year for the Open!

This year we will be dividing the Open participants into 7 equal teams for a point-based competition that will culminate in one team winning a sweet trophy, bragging rights, and a private BBQ thrown by CrossFit Black Box!

The teams will be divided up at random with an equal number of males and females on each time.  Teams will have a CFBB Coach as a captain who will help to motivate and communicate through a private Facebook group.

There will be NO performance-based scoring!  This means performance on the workouts will NOT dictate how teams perform in the competition.  The Black Box Open Games will be an event to promote fun and participation in the Open and in the weekly Friday Night Lights event!
Points will be awarded to teams based on completion of Challenges presented the week of each Open workout, as well as participation in themes assigned to each Friday Night Lights event.  Athletes can earn points for their team by participating in these challenges and themes, as well as simply completing the workouts and reporting their score to the CrossFit Games page.

So, keep registering and let’s start getting pumped about the 2018 CrossFit Games Open competition, and maybe start a new tradition at CFBB!

*The deadline to be included in the Open Games will be 8pm on Sunday February 18th.  At that point athletes registered on the CrossFit Games page will be divided into their teams and the first weekly challenge and theme will be presented.  Anyone who chooses to register after that time can still register on the CFGames page under CFBB and our team Black Box Strong, but will not be included in the Black Box Open Games.

**Lookout for more detailed info on scoring in that first weekly blog post right here, as well as update emails that will be sent out to CFBB members.

Nov 22, 2017

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CrossFit Black Box – CrossFit


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Round:


30ft Handstand Walk

5 Squat Snatches, 155/105

2 Rope Climbs

Rest 2:00
*Reset for each amrap. Score is total reps performed. 10ft hsw=10reps, 1 rope climb=1 rep


Metcon (No Measure)

Dog Sled Push

*Heavy AF*

50ft x 6

Rest 90 seconds between

Reverse Hypers (15-15-15-15)

Load 40% of 1RM Back Squat