Black Box Strong

Tallahassee’s Premier CrossFit Facility

At CrossFit Black Box, we pride ourselves on our amazing community first and foremost. We’re a melting pot of university students, members from all over the globe, and athletes of all ages, so it’s safe to say we’re a pretty diverse community, too!

Here, you’ll find a group that laughs and jokes and encourages everyone that walks through the doors. The competition in our gym is everywhere (even in corn hole or Spikeball), but it's in good sport and makes everyone better athletes together. We have friendships that turn into lifelong relationships, some even marriage, and it's all because we attract good-hearted men and women!

Our talented coaches will push you hard, that’s for sure. But that’s because they’re insightful and experienced enough to know how far you can go - even when you don’t. Maybe in the past it’s been poor form or improper movement patterns that held you back, but we’ll remedy that right away. We want to see how far you can go just as much as you do!

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Our Facility

CrossFit Black Box’s 9,000-square-foot facility on Gaines Street is smack in the hubbub of the Gaines Street District, within walking distance of shops, restaurants and the FSU stadium. What better place to bring new energy and transformation into your life than Tallahassee’s most rapidly growing hotspot?

Inside our reclaimed 1950’s warehouse, you’ll find all the CrossFit tools you know and love (and sometimes love to hate) and plenty of them. Under the guidance of our talented coaches, and with the support of Tallahassee’s most high-fiving members, you’ll build your new physique and a healthy life in the company of lifelong friends!

  • I have a titanium plate, nine screws and 2 mm of donor bone in my left leg from a motorcycle crash; I wasn't sure if I could actually DO the workouts. But I was immediately welcomed by the members and coaches at BlackBox. And I COULD do the workouts!

    Pete Cohen

  • The people at CrossFit Black Box will not only be there to high-five you after a workout or help clean up your weights, but also invite you over for a party, give you a ride to work when your car won’t start, or bring you lunch when you’re having a Monday on a Thursday.

    Melanie Richard

  • When I started my fitness journey I was 252 pounds. Flash forward 3.5 years - I weigh in at just over 180 pounds, and I am in the best shape of my life. As I sit hear typing this while holding my 2-month-old son, I have a sense of pride.

    Steve Runion